AccuTitle Agency Streamlined REO Closings

When will my file disburse and my Deed record?
We disburse on the files once all of the properly executed documents are received by our office and we have all of the funds available for disbursement. When a file is disbursed, we issue checks in accordance with the Settlement Statement and forward the Deeds and Mortgages to the proper County Official on that same day. Please check with the closing representative assigned to your closing and they can provide you with a status of the file.

What type of funds do I need to bring to the closing?
Wiring instructions will be provided in advance of closing for amounts over $100,000. All other amounts under $100,000 must be in the form of cashier check or wire payable to InTitle Agency, Inc. All checks and wires to be made payable to InTitle Agency, Inc. InTitle does not accept money orders. Additionally, please note that InTitle Agency, Inc. no longer accepts any checks payable to the individual, including cashier's checks.

Other than funds needed to close, Do I need to bring anything else to closing?
Yes, you will need to bring a form of governmentally issued photo identification. Examples include a Driver’s License or a Passport. Some lenders also will request a secondary form of identification. If your lender requires it, also please bring another form of ID. If you have not provided your lender satisfactory proof that you have paid for a Hazard Insurance Policy prior to closing, you may also be required to bring the Declarations Page of your policy along with a paid receipt to closing.

If I am married but I am the only one purchasing the property, does my spouse need to attend the closing?
If the closing is a cash closing then a non purchasing spouse does not need to attend the closing. If there is lender financing involved, the spouse will need to be present at closing in order to release their dower interest in the Mortgage and also execute a few other required documents.