AccuTitle Agency Streamlined REO Closings

InTitle Agency, Inc. and its predecessor was initially formed in 1985 to specialize in the preparation and handling of title work for the Default Servicing Industry and to handle REO closings throughout the States of Ohio and Kentucky. In both of these states, a successful REO closing is built on a foundation consisting of particular steps taken during the foreclosure phase, all of which happen prior to the closing. These steps start with the foreclosure title work, through the handling of the foreclosure case, identifying possible bankruptcy issues, possessory issues, and a myriad of possible title problems that inevitably are involved in a defaulted loan. With InTitle's wealth of expertise identifying these potential problems and our close communication with the foreclosure attorneys, such problems are resolved well in advance of the REO closing. This expertise and streamlined approach allows us to bring several key advantages to the closing table:

  • Streamlined Process that expedites the acquisition of the Sheriff's/Master Commissioner's Deed and offers the ability to close the day after the Deed is available from the Sheriff's/ Master Commissioner's Office

  • Knowledge - Our attorneys have been handling foreclosure and related title matters for over 30 years.

  • Curative Expertise - As part of our Settlement fee we resolve most of the outstanding title issues that could ordinarily hold up a closing. Curative works begins immediately upon identification of the problem and regular status reports are available to the client.

  • One Stop Shop - We serve as your “One” title company and one contact for the entire states of Kentucky and Ohio . Our vast network of closers ensures that buyers can physically close the transaction in their city of origin while all parties to the closing need only to contact one office for any status requests.

  • Internet based file tracking system - Our online Paperless Closing System will allow any party to a transaction to securely access to our file notes, file status, documents, including Hud's etc. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.